Teaching Families to Swim Confidently and Safely 


Who said "Babies can't swim?!" Did you know that babies have NATURAL AQUATIC INSTINCTS in the water?! We provide babies starting at 6 months that building blocks to continue their journey to becoming a fish through NON- traumatic SWIMSATIONAL learning experiences. 


Learn to swim


I AM TOO OLD TO LEARN TO SWIM!! We all know that life happens but that's doesn't mean your life does just because. Swimsation Swim School helps guide & teach you the proper technique to pick up wherever you started and on your way to SWIMMING LIKE A PRO. It's never too late to safely learn. ANY AGE IS A GOOD AGE!

One on One Teaching


We understand that you need your space & individuality to be you! Our private one on one lessons provide you a SAFE & WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT! Our instructors are guaranteed to providing a SWIMSATIONAL experience- going at your pace, encouraging you every step of the way & more importantly MAKING IT FUN! 

Watch The Waterbabies In Action!

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